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Application Process

Future Residents

We love our residents! We want this to be a great experience for you. We want you to think of us for your next move whether you are buying or renting. We want you to refer us and give us great reviews. Here are a few things you might want to know about working with us.

A licensed agent with our company or with another company can show you our properties. They are all on Lock Box. We start marketing our properties 60 days in advance of resident move out. So there may be a resident still in the property when you see it. It works best if you give us a little notice before you would like to view a property because most of our properties have residents. We will show all of our properties. Our property manager only shows our properties. We do have agents that will show you other properties that we do not manage.

All of our properties have an online application through our website. The fee is $50 for each adult 18 and older. The process takes about 20 minutes online. We check credit, criminal, and rental history on everyone 18 and older. We are looking for a 600+ credit score, a good rental and criminal history. We make our recommendations to the owner, however all of our owners have final approval on each application. We work hard to get you an answer quickly. However, we have to get approval through the landlord, verify income, employment, rent and  payment history of your current situation. At times, this can take up to 5 days.  Please know that we also need  We pride ourselves on keeping it simple and keeping you in the know. We must have a signed agreement and the security deposit must be paid with 24 hours before any property is removed from the market. If we do not have signed paperwork and deposit within 24 hours after approval, the owner may move on to another application. We can not hold properties.

We handle all the paperwork. We use state approved forms. You will receive a copy of all your paperwork. It is also available on your portal.

 If you worked with a Real Estate Agent to find this property, please make sure we know. We love Real Estate agents and want to make sure they get paid. They work hard.

There is no smoking in any of our properties. The carpets are also professionally cleaned before you move in. We put in every contract that the resident will have the carpets professionally cleaned upon move out. “Pets” include all animals, not just dogs and cats. Residents are not allowed to pet sit even if you have paid a pet fee without approval by the owner. A pet free property means no pets at anytime. All leases have a 60 day notice.

Things You Should Know as a Tenant

  • We love our tenants at First Properties of the Carolinas, Inc. Here is some information that we want to be sure you know to ensure that you have a great experience. Some of this is in your contract. Tip #1. Read your contract.
  • Your security deposit is not rent. Typically, our security deposits are  $100 more than the rent just to make that point. Do not try to pay your last month’s rent with your security deposit. We will file papers in court. This can affect your credit. 
  • Anyone living in a property that is 18 and older must complete an application. We vet every adult that lives on a property whether they are responsible for the rent or not. Please do not invite someone to live with you ( new roommate) without permission from us.
  • You need permission in advance to have a pet. Do not get a pet and then ask for permission to have it live with you. Pets are not only dogs and cats. Pets include birds, fish, turtles, rabbits, snakes, and other creatures.
  • A pet fee is not for damage caused by a pet. It is a fee for the right for your pet to live at a property. 
  • We encourage you to contact the utility companies 7 days in advance of your lease start date to ensure that you have power, water, hot water, and heat the day you move in. The owner will be turning off utilities the day the lease starts. 
  • We encourage you to get rental insurance. It doesn’t cost much and could save you a lot of money. If the fridge goes out and your food spoils - the cost of replacing that food is on you, not the landlord.  If the water heater breaks and water soaks your expensive purses, shoes, or other important items - the cost to replace them is on you, not the landlord. If you need a referral for insurance - we know some great insurance agents.
  • We want your rental experience to be wonderful. We have a great staff that works full-time Monday - Friday during normal business hours. Our showing agent does show properties on nights and weekends by appointment only.  If you have an admin or maintenance issue, please use your portal or e-mail. As much as we love our tenants, we reserve our weekends and nights for emergencies only ( this usually includes fire or water.) Calling us at night or on the weekend to make us aware of a non-urgent issue will not expedite the resolution.

Contact Michelle Human - with questions about property management including repairs and contracts. 

(704) 248-3519

[email protected]


Contact Julie Van Slambrook - if you are landlord with a new property or if you are comparing property manangement companies and want information or pricing. 

(704) 904-4540

[email protected]


Contact Dana Beck - to see one of our properties and with questions on inspections

[email protected]


Contact Karen Pengelski with Property Management financial and tax Questions

(704) 248-3500

[email protected]

Pay Rent

We love our residents! You can access your portal to pay rent, submit maintenance requests and more.
Most of our tenants pay their rent online. Here is the link:


Rent is due on the 1st day of the month. It is late after the 5th of the month.

If you are paying by mail, our address is:

First Properties of the Carolinas, Inc
1 Executive Court #101
Lake Wylie, SC 29710

If you are paying rent after the 5th, please bring certified funds and include late fees that are owed.

Rental payment history is recorded through a program called Rent Bureau that reports it to Experian. Having a good payment history can help improve your credit score.

We file papers if rent is not paid by the 10th.

For questions about billing, please contact Karen Pengelski at
(704) 248-3500 or [email protected]

Move In Checklist

must be paid in full and cleared by the bank before we will release the keys. You may pay online no later than 7 business days before move-in. Your payment needs time to clear the bank before we release the keys.  You may also bring certified funds or money order to our office when you pick up the keys.
contact the utility companies 7 days before your lease starts to ensure that they will be on when you move in. If you do not set these up you could be without services and will not be reimbursed for lodging. This includes but is not limited to Electricity, Gas, Water, and Trash.
If there are multiple service providers in your area, contact them with your new address to see which one services your new home.
Utilities are cut off from the owner's name the day your lease starts. If you do not set these up to turn on for the start day of your lease, you could be without power and water when you move in and for several days afterward. Getting the utilities turned on in a timely manner is your responsibility.
Please pick up the keys and your move-in packet at our office at 1 Executive Court, #101, Lake Wylie, SC  between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm the day your lease starts. We do not start leases on a weekend date.  We can't give out keys or allow you to put anything in the property before the lease start date for insurance reasons. Speaking of insurance, we strongly encourage you to get Renters Insurance.
Please fill out your move-in inspection sheet as soon as possible after moving in and no later than 10 days if you are in North Carolina and within 48 hours if you are in South Carolina. Please e-mail it to [email protected]. We use this when you move out and it protects you from being charged with any minor damage or stains found by you at move-in.
We try really hard to have your new home move-in ready for you. We want you to be happy. If we have missed something or if something new needs to be addressed, the quickest way to get it addressed is to complete a work order on the portal.  At night and on the weekend, we only handle emergencies which are FIRE or FLOOD.
If you are living in a community that has an HOA, Your community rules ( CC&R's) can be found in your tenant portal on the left under documents. It is your responsibility to read and follow the rules per the contract. If you violate the rules it can be considered a breach of contract.  If the HOA issues a fine you will be responsible to pay the fine in full.
If you have any questions please contact Michelle @ 704.201.7076.

Move Out Instructions

Move-out checklist.

Provide First Properties with your forwarding address. We need this information to send you your security deposit.
All utilities must be left on in your name until the last day of the lease.... Not when you move out.
All nail and screw holes must be patched and painted in the correct paint color and sheen. Please do not use paint at the property that doesn’t match the color or sheen.  You will be charged if the paint does not match.
Please have all carpets professionally cleaned. It is in your contract. Please provide us with a receipt showing it was done.
Interior: The property must be cleaned thoroughly. This includes ceiling fans, floors, baseboards, bathrooms, inside cabinets, blinds, and all appliances inside and out. Clean the garage, sweep, and remove all cobwebs and debris.
Replace all burnt-out light bulbs with bulbs that match the current bulbs.
Please contact Michelle @ 704.201.7076 or Dana @ 704.975-5186 with questions.

Work With Us

We pride ourselves in providing personalized solutions that bring our clients closer to their dream properties and enhance their long-term wealth.