1. All applications must be done online. The application fee is not refundable. If you do not get the home that you applied for, you do not get the application fee back.
  2. The pet fee is not a deposit. It is a non- refundable fee for having a pet. All pets must be approved including birds, ferrets, rabbits, lizards, snakes, and turtles.
  3. All of the properties we manage are smoke free. There is no smoking at anytime allowed in any of our properties. This means all kinds of smoking including vaping and juuls.
  4. If your credit score is under 600, you may still be able to rent a property. The landlord will most likely require you to pay the last month’s rent upfront, as well as the first month’s rent, and security deposit.
  5.  We work hard to process applications quickly. However, we need time to verify income and past rent payments. The property owner makes the final decision. This process can take 3 to 5 days.
  6. If we do not have the paperwork signed and the security deposit within 24-48 hours after application approval, the owner may move on to the next applicant.  

7. The property is considered your residence and off the market for other prospective tenants when all documents are signed by all parties and you have paid your security deposit and any pet fees.

8. In order to get the keys, all paperwork must be signed. The security deposit, pet fee, and first month’s rent must be paid. And, if it is a condition of the contract, the last month’s rent must be paid.

9. All tenants, 18 and over, must complete an application…. even if they are not financially responsible for the lease i.e. college students living with parents, and elderly parents living with family. We do a credit check, rental history check, and criminal history check on everyone over 18 that will be living in the property.

  1. We don’t accept cash ever. It is dangerous to have it at our premises and it doesn’t leave a “paper” trail of documentation for you.
  2. All utilities need to be in your name before you move in.
  3. In North Carolina, within 10 days, you need to turn in the inspection report. In South Carolina, please turn in your inspection report within 48 hours.  This protects you from being charged for damage to the property that was there before you moved in.
  4.  All leases have a 60-day notice.

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